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Major breakthrough as scientists cure blindness in 14 people | The Sun

BLIND people have been cured in a major breakthrough of a new treatment. Scientists used pig’s skin to create a

Robin Deberry Robin Deberry August 13, 2022

How hot does it have to be for schools to close in the UK and what can you do if your child is sent home early? – The Sun | The Sun

A HEATWAVE is set to hit with temperatures into the 30s signalling the start of sunnier summer weather. Unfortunately it

Robin Deberry Robin Deberry June 15, 2022

AGT 5th Judge: Metal Girl Screams Ed Sheeran and Judges Go Digital as 11 More Acts Perform

It was the strangest collection of acts all season on "AGT," with everything from a dancing magician to idiot daredevils,

Robin Deberry Robin Deberry September 1, 2022